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Outfits + Custom Orders

Custom Orders:

The estimated arrival on custom orders are 4-5 weeks.  It is better to order sooner than later if you are not in a rush so that you can try on your outfit and have room for alterations in the case that they need to be done.  There is extra 1-2 inch fabric in all of our pieces.

All custom orders require a 25% NONREFUNDABLE DEPOSIT.  This is because the fabric that is cut, dyed and/or embroidered to your liking is no longer able for use if you are not continuing your order.  This deposit can not be exchanged for store credit or refunded in any circumstance.  

Please keep in mind that because all of our pieces are made individually by hand, there may be minor variations such as dye color or minor gotta difference.  

Need a Suit within 2-3 days?  Contact us immediately so that we can show you our IN STOCK collection.  Alterations will be free.

We complete a quality check before shipping every piece where we make sure there are no loose threads and etc.

Need help measuring? Contact us and we will help you take your measurements by sending you a video with details instructions!


Standard Outfits:

Measurements and more information for standard outfits are coming soon.